Sale of Paintings by Fr Martin Haigh OSB

Last year's auction of Fr Martin Haigh's paintings generated an astonishing level of interest, so much so that the Monastic Community are pleased to respond to requests for another sale. A further 24 pieces are now presented for auction; specially selected from Fr Martin's studio collection.

This year's compilation is dominated by bold oils on canvas, featuring a mix of familiar scenes and landscapes synonymous with Fr Martin's recognisable style and influence. French Provence, the Yorkshire countryside and poignant religious iconography are each detailed in exquisite colour and emotive compositions - a collection no doubt identifiable to Old Amplefordians, friends, pilgrims and constituents of his parish.

The Ampleforth Society Weekend from 12th - 14th October 2018 presented a preview of this year's collection at Windmill, but for those of you who could not make it, we hope you enjoy browsing the selection on the following pages.

Please note that this year's auction has now ended.

How to Purchase
A Provençal Village
A Rocky Coastline II
A Tree-lined Road, after Gauguin
A Watermill
Along a Quiet River
Courtyard Farm in Summer
Ecce Homo
Farm Courtyard in France
Fishing Boats Back at the Quayside
Low Tide in a Normandy Harbour
Nocturnal Landscape Treated as Stained Glass
Olive Grove
Orchard in a French Village
Public Square in Provence with a Fountain
Pyrenean Landscape
Rural Landscape in Summer
Small Fishing Boat by a Jetty
Study of Contorted Tree Roots
Summer Day in a South of France Village
Sunset over the Harvest
The Barn with a Red Roof
Wandering Through a Deserted French Village