8th October, 2019 18:30 - 21:30
86 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2BB

Edinburgh ‘Compass for Life’ event


On Tuesday 8th October at 6:30pm, we will be hosting an evening reception at The New Club for Ampleforth Society members and for families who would like to learn more about an education at Ampleforth College.

We are delighted to welcome all Ampleforth Society members and any families who might wish to learn more about an Ampleforth education to join us for drinks and canapes.  The evening will provide a wonderful opportunity to reminisce with friends and also meet key members of Ampleforth College staff, as well as meet some of our students who will be joining us with the Ampleforth Highlanders Pipe Band. If you would like to join us to learn more about an Ampleforth education for your own children, or if you know anyone who would like an invitation, please contact Jayne Potter on 01439 741087 or email Jayne.Potter@ampleforth.org.uk. Likewise, if you would like to join us at the event as an ‘Ampleforth Ambassador’ we would be delighted to see you there. Please do let Claire know if you would like to attend as places are limited. 

Confirmed Ampleforth Society members:

Angus & Sophie Tulloch

David (E83) & Caroline Mitchell

Timothy & Annabel Wishart

Tara Lyons

Lucia Bridgeman

Nicola & Robert Wilson

David & Dominique MacLellan

Jamie & Sheri Blackett

Nander Robertson (C61)

Iain Lowis (B61)

Richard Campbell & Veronica Kamira

Paul & Annabel Heward 

Mark (W82) & Glenda Barton

Ranald Morgan (J94)

David Ogilvie (A69)

Jeremy (W73) & Caroline Deedes

David MacLure  

Ronnie & Miranda Maxwell

Shelagh Townsend-Rose

Mark (C57) & Rosemary Lawson

Fr Jock Dalrymple (E75)

James (C82) & Rachel Johnson-Ferguson

Flora Beckett (M15)

Elizabeth Hall

Rupert Tussaud (E98)

Gillian Murray

Joyce Florell

Ali Kinge

Liam Harvey

Rob Taylor

Michael & Alison MacPhee

Andrew & Colette Bett

David Knock (EW07)

Sam MacLellan (H16)

Ben Brown (EW16)

Tilly Perry (M16)

Nick Smith (J16)

Sophie Davies (C17)

Michael Blakiston Houston (C17)

Arthur James (EW16)

Humphrey Coysh (H16)

Will Plowden (H16)

Seb Szapary (O15)

Rev Stephen Reynolds (D58)

Niamh Keenan (M12)

Maj Greville & Gabrielle Ramsey

Hugh Ramsey (J17)

Harry Lukas (O99)

Marie & Bash (E86) Scott

James & Nin Vestey

David Wallace 

Maire Baker (A17)

Hector Swinburne (J17)

Rupert Waley (J17)

Charles & Lindsay Arbuthnott

Ben Wright (T16)

Riona Bourke (M16)

Isabella Rooms (M16)

Bruce (T66) & Nicola Walker


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