14th November, 2019 18:45 - 22:00
5 Thurloe Pl, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RR

Brompton Oratory Mass and Drinks

Brompton Oratory

We are delighted to invite all members of the Ampleforth Society and their guests to join us for the Brompton Oratory Mass and Drinks on Thursday, 14 November, 2019.  Mass will be celebrated by Fr Edward Corbould OSB at 6:45pm in the Little Oratory, next to the main church at the Brompton Oratory. This will be followed by drinks and pizza in St Wilfrid's Hall at 7:15pm. 

There is no cost for this event and we encourage all members to bring their partners and spouses.  You are more than welcome to join us for refreshments in St Wilfrid's Hall, even if you are unable to attend Mass.

If you have any queries or would like to attend, please email societymail@ampleforth.org.uk or call 01439 766884.

Confirmed attendees

Fr Edward Corbould OSB (E51)

Nicholas Armour

Simon Ashworth

Chris Adamson

Bill Barton

Giles Bates

John Bellasis

William Bellasis

Joe Blenkinsopp

Samuel Bolimowski 

Thibaut de Bouillane

Patricia de Bouillane

Bron Bury

William Colacicchi

Hannah Connors

Patrick Connors

Emma Craig

Mol Cuddigan

Davidde Chazal

Floriande Chezelles 

Edwardde Montbel

Karlade Montbel 

John Doyle 

Anthony Du Vivier

Judith Du Vivier

Elizabeth Duignan

John Paul Duignan

Clare Fisher

David Fennell

Geraldine Fennell

Paddy Ferguson

Shane Gallwey

Fleur Gallwey

Rupert Gladitz

Anthony Gray 

Cleo Gray 

Charlie Grant

Peter Goodman 

Peter Gower Griffiths

Carrie Hardcastle 

Anthony Heaton-Armstrong 

John Horsley 

Bernard Hornung

Philippa Jalland



Sarah Kisielewski

Pawel Kisielewski

John Kite

Hugo Kirby 

Jules Kirby 

Josh Lowsley-Williams

Barclay Macfarlane

Marcus Macmillan

James Martelli

Jane Martelli

Simon Martelli

William McSheehy

Dominic Moorhouse

Guy Neely

Shane Norman 

Barend Pennings 

Melissa Pennings

William Pleasance 

Emilie Riggs

Mary-Clare Ridge

Cassian Roberts

Jane Roberts

Dionne Saville

James Saville

Patrick Scanlan

Rory Smith

Charles Sommer

Karen Sommer

Sally Spanner

Gavin Teague

Mary Teague

Patrick Tolhurst

Paddy Thompson

Paula Thompson

Edward Tucker

Vanessa Tucker

Francis Wan

Hugh Watchorn

Susie Watchorn

Nigel Wisden 

Jennie Wisden

Nick Wright

Venetia Wright

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