26th April, 2018 18:45 - 21:00

Ampleforth Society St Laurence Forum


Members of the Ampleforth Society and their guests are invited to an evening of discussion in the theme of “Ethics in Leadership”. A distinguished panels of speakers will consider the importance of ethics to leadership and business. The colloquium will be followed by drinks and canapés in the beautiful surroundings of the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED.


Major-General Sir Sebastian Roberts K.C.V.O. O.B.E. (J72)

James Gosling O.B.E. (C73)

John Micklethwait C.B.E. (O80)

Sir Sebastian Roberts was formerly the Colonel of the Irish Guards. In 2011 he was responsible for a review of officer training which resulted in a renewed focus upon the teaching of ethics to recruits. From 1997 to 2000 he was responsible for Army doctrine, during which he wrote the moral doctrine of the British Army: “Soldiering: the Military Covenant”, which formed the basis of the teaching of ethics in all three services.”

James Gosling is a former partner of City law firm HFW. He spearheaded the response of the global shipping industry to maritime piracy in Somalia and, in collaboration with other interested parties across the City, achieved the release of more than 1,750 seafarer hostages.

John Micklethwait is the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, having previously acted as editor-in-chief of The Economist. His publications include “The Company – A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea” and “God is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith is Changing the World”.

Tickets are limited for this event to 80 seated (£35) and 20 standing (£15 for under 30s). This event is now sadly fully booked.

Confirmed Attendees:

David Bamber

William Bellasis

Miles Blackford

Julius Bozzino (A88)

Lucia Bridgeman

Ned Bridgeman

Matthew Butler (W89)

Damien Byrne Hill (T85)

Simon Callaghan (A71)

Dominic Carter (D85)

Sebastian Chambers (E85)

Simon Clayton (D72)

Charlotte Cunningham

Mark Cunningham (O84)

Lal Dalamal

Jeremy Deedes (W73)

Chris Dick

Lucas Domecq (J09)

Simon Edmunds

Robin Faber (C73)

Benedict Fenwick (E53)

Sue Fisher

Charles Fitzherbert (C62)

Adrian Gannon (O89)

Edith Gibby (B13)

Toby Gibson (E87)

Jane Gibson

Howard Gordon-Martin

Clemency Gordon-Martin

Brenda Gosling

James Gosling (C73)

James Gotto (H87)

Simon Griffiths (O80)

Theresa Hare

Clea Harmer

Edmund Harmer (O10)

John Hickman (A60)

Catherine Hickman

Bernard Hornung (E75)

Philippa Jalland

Liz Jalland

Alison King

Clare Leeming

Fred Leeming (H11)

Harry Leeming (H09)

Fiona Loveridge

Andrew Mankowski

Ross Mansoori-Dara (O81)

John Marlin (JH55)

Felix McCorquodale (H13)

David McCorquodale

Hector McCorquodale

Sarah McKellar

John Micklethwait (O80)

James Morrell (D17)

Luke Nolan (T85)

Judith Nugee

Alexander Ogilvie-Graham

Tinamay Ogilvie-Graham

Roshan Panditharathna

James Parker (W69)

Xavier Pye

Jane Roberts

Cassian Roberts (J80)

Sebastian Roberts (J72)

Katherine Rochford

Kate Rochford

Amanda Ronan

Simon Ronan

Lucy Ronan

Jack Ronan (J07)

Peter Sayers (W81)

Chris Stainton

Fergus Stainton

Patrick Stainton (J14)

Tom Stott (J09)

Lydia Straughan (M09)

Will Theile (C12)

Paddy Thompson (O88)

Patrick Tolhurst (C99)

Natalie Tolhurst

Susie Wakeham-Dawson

Andrew Wakeham-Dawson

Sam Walsh (A97)

Julia Walsh

Graham Wheatley

Hew Williams (EW08)

Margaret Yates

Mrs S de Zulueta