Sebastian Bourne (H13)

We will shortly be in touch with Sebastian's family to request an obituary to be shared with the Ampleforth Society.  

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Rest in eternal peace

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Dear Parents,

Words have power but in this tragic moment in your lives it will seem absolutely insignificant. However it’s the only way to express deepest my condolences to Bourne family.

I have never known any of your family but as a Christian and a fellow human being upon learning of the death of Sabastian (may he rest in eternal peace) on OLOV newsletter I was compelled to extend my condolences.
God bless God bless God bless and may he see you through this very difficult time.
Meron Gwiggner ( mother to Daniel 9 and David 7)
How sad to hear of the dreadful loss of Sebastian, I remember him as a child growing up, coming into chambers with his Father, always happy and full of fun.He brought light to a room with a sparkle in his eye, and his wonderful personality.

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