Ampleforth Global is a new, dynamic networking platform, which will allow Ampleforth Society members – OAs, parents, visitors and friends – to connect and reunite online. In the same vein as Ampleforth’s Compass for Life, Ampleforth Global will be pivotal for remaining connected with all that is happening in the Valley; in sharing news and career opportunities, hearing about developments, as well as enabling OAs to give back through our mentoring programme. Ampleforth Global will make it easier to maximise the benefits of being part of Ampleforth’s unique extended family. Highlights will include:


Find old friends and invite new connections; personal or professional, from all over the world.


Find out about Ampleforth Society events; book your place, or publicise your own reunions and get-togethers. Engage with Ampleforth clubs all over the world, so that you can stay involved wherever you are.


Make instant updates to your contact details and employment information when they change. You will also be able to share news of projects you’re currently involved in.


Follow or start a group with a common goal or interest; come together to collaborate on special projects. Become a mentor and help support the next generation of Old Amplefordians to achieve their ambitions.


Receive and send messages to other Society members in a variety of ways; through Ampleforth Global, by email, or by synchronising your account with LinkedIn or Facebook. Manage what you share and receive by amending your own settings.


Volunteer to offer career advice or mentor students and other Old Amplefordians. Search for an alumnus who can help you with careers advice and information and to link with professional groups.


Seek out or advertise job vacancies, internship opportunities or study placements across the Ampleforth Society.


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