Face-Faw (Friendship and Aid for Central and Eastern Europe - Friendship and Aid for the World) is the student-led charity organisation of Ampleforth College.

Face-Faw supports projects and is involved in promoting gap year opportunities for students and Old Amplefordians.

Projects that Face-Faw supports include Mary’ Meals focusing on Chigwaja Primary School in Malawi, The Romanian Children’s Humanitarian Foundation through Face-Faw/RCHF Summer Camps, Francis Maria Libermann School in Zanzibar, San Lorenzo School in Santiago, Chile and Depaul UK, for the young and homeless in the North-East. Other UK based projects also include house retreats being linked to Yorkshire hospices. Further projects are located in Kenya, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in the UK.  

In 2015-2016, Face-Faw organised activities to support these projects - such as SHACATHON on the 22nd February 2016 and the 6th Annual Croquet Tournament on the 28th May 2015. Other fundraising events include:

  • All-Night Sleep Out - 5-6th December 2016
  • Own Clothes Day - 28th January 2016
  • A Gig at Windmill - 14th May 2016
  • The Big Walk -19-20th June 2016 (supporting Friendship Holiday and other projects)
  • Collections at Carol Services - 16th December 2016
  • Marketing of Face-Faw projects.

The funding of projects, not including the Friendship Holiday, in 2015-2016 was £19,764. The net income in 2015-2016 was £18,974. 

See what FACE-FAW stands for and why we chose to support it here:

Face-Faw also provides links with projects for possible gap year service.

Under its present title, Face-Faw dates from 1993; it was the inspiration of the then Headmaster, Fr Leo Chamberlain. However, the aspirations and activities of Face-Faw pre-date the invention of its title. In the Second World War and afterwards, the support for Eastern Europe and Poland involved the creation of a hostel for Polish students in Oswaldkirk. In the 1980s, Fr Leo was involved in supporting aid to Poland and even travelled to Poland  on a relief lorry at that time. In 1992-1995, during the Balkans Conflict, Face-Faw helped with aid to Bosnia-Herzegovina.



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