Ampleforth is a school for the Lord's Service with the rule of St Benedict at the heart of all we do.

The Rule of St Benedict, written in the Sixth century, has provided a wise and enduring framework, both spiritual and practical, to guide religious communities ever since. It gives us, in the 21st century, an excellent guide for running a school in “the Lord’s service.” St Benedict shows how, through prayer and work, the individual can grow closer to God through living in a community.  The Benedictine tradition appeals not only to Catholics but also to other Christians, who recognise the benefits of its balanced approach.

The aims of Ampleforth College are:

  • To share with families the spiritual, moral and intellectual formation of their children.
  • To invite students through the Catholic and Benedictine tradition into a life of faith.
  • To work for excellence in every endeavour; to love learning and to pursue the truth.
  • To strive for the flourishing of each student; so that they may become agents for change through service and leadership.
  • To provide a safe environment in which to grow, to develop self-esteem and personal resilience.