• 23 Oct 2020
    Watch our recent Masterclass with OA broadcaster and journalist, Julia Macfarlane (M08)
  • 22 Oct 2020
    'No hour in life is wasted in the saddle' Winston Churchill
  • 09 Oct 2020
    We have published today Our Vision which sets out our ambitions for education in today’s world and to reclaim our place as the leading Catholic independent school in the UK.
  • 16 Sep 2020
    As our Head, Robin Dyer, says: “Great to have the students back. The Valley has come back to life.”
  • 20 Aug 2020
    Our students are celebrating another successful year as they receive their GCSE results today – we congratulate them all for the determination they have shown in recent months.
  • 13 Aug 2020
    Head, Robin Dyer, says: “I am delighted for you, the Upper Sixth - your results overall are testimony to your good attitude and effort."