The main findings of the Independent Schools Inspectorate Intermediate Report:

Ampleforth College is highly effective in meeting its aims. A compelling sense of a community successfully acts in good faith to guide, educate and empower young people in the spirit of the rule of St Benedict. Academic and other achievements are excellent at all levels and for different groups throughout the school, including boys and girls, and those with SEND or EAL. The very high quality of the curriculum, with its wide range of subjects and extensive extra-curricular programme, including creative arts and sport, plays a significant role in allowing pupils to achieve their full potential. Excellent teaching supports achievement in public examinations and in ensuring pupils develop robust and independent learning skills, and draws on teachers’ high levels of subject expertise and their knowledge of their pupils and their abilities. The school has responded well to the recommendation from the previous report about extending the academic curriculum, and good progress has been made on meeting the recommendation to share good practice in teaching and learning, but the school is aware that there is still scope available to ensure that all teaching matches the excellent provision which prevails.

Pupils’ personal development is excellent, reflecting the importance the school places on spiritual and moral education, and the part played by the highly effective pastoral care system for boarding and day pupils in their social and cultural development. The school meets its aims to help pupils become mature and honourable, inspired by high ideals and capable of leadership. Boarding is of excellent quality, with excellent outcomes, accommodation and leadership and management of boarding all playing a key part in the effectiveness of the school and ensuring that it meets its aims. The school has met in full the recommendations which arose from the previous inspection of boarding.

The school is very well governed by a body of trustees which includes lay people as well as religious, with a strong focus on safeguarding, and on holding the school stringently to account to help it improve its provision. Leadership and management of this complex school, with its many facets, is excellent overall. There are great strengths in spiritual, moral and social development, boarding and pastoral care. This is a vibrant, cohesive school community which is enjoyed by its pupils and strongly supported by its parents. The school knows where its areas for development lie, specifically in the further development of teaching and in the improvement of the quality of marking and assessment. It is well placed to achieve its plans.

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