"A School for the Lord's Service" 
Our ethos: to educate our students to the best of their ability, within a community of faith and scholarship.
  • Community: around the table of the refectory
  • Faith: around the table of the altar
  • Scholarship: around the table of study

Since 1802 Ampleforth has been the home of a praying community of monks, in a life-long commitment to seeking God in this place. 

At Ampleforth, we are heirs to 1500 years of Benedictine dedication to learning. Alongside celebrating individual achievement for our students, we nurture an art of living, which means that our students aren’t just better prepared, but they also change for the better. 

Ampleforth provides a compass for life, according to principles on which St Benedict founded his community: three tables around which our community gathers every day, in the spirit of mutual hospitality that characterises Benedictine life.  All are welcome at the table, and all are responsible for the welcome each receives.

Our aims: with the rule of St Benedict at the heart of all we do, these are our aims for our students.
  • To provide a safe environment in which to grow, and to develop self-esteem and personal resilience.
  • To share with families the moral (community), spiritual (faith), and intellectual (scholarship) formation of their children.
  • To invite students through the Catholic and Benedictine tradition into a life of faith.
  • To work for excellence in every endeavour; to love learning and to pursue the truth.
  • To strive for the flourishing of each student; so that they leave Ampleforth a source of life for the church and the world through service, as young men and women of enduring friendships, deep and nourishing faith, and discernment.