friendship holiday

The Friendship Holiday was established in 2004 in conjunction with Oak Field School in Nottingham.  Oak Field School is a special needs school for pupils with mental, physical and various other disabilities. 


The Friendship Holiday  undertakes fundraising to support this annual event – and is supported by Face-Faw.  

The 14th Friendship Holiday will be from 26 - 30th June 2017, held at Ampleforth. 30 Year 12 students share a holiday with students from Oak Field School and Sports College near Nottingham – this school has pupils with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities. The Year 12 students work throughout the academic year to provide funding for this holiday. Some students undertook a 24-hour walk (The Big Walk) over 45 miles to raise funds for the Friendship Holiday.  The organisation and fundraising of the Friendship Holiday is done independently of the organisation and fundraising of Face-Faw. It does, however, take place within the school with the support and approval of the Face-Faw Co-Ordinating Group (COG) and of Face-Faw. 

The Friendship Holiday was founded at a Face-Faw COG Meeting in December 2003 and the first Friendship Holiday was in July 2004.