This year’s Young Enterprise team are collaborating with an existing company, Ace Tea, London, with the aim of creating a new, exciting tea that has health perks whilst retaining an explosion of flavours. Healthy and tasty will always be the holy truffle for anyone in the food and drink industry and we think we might just have the perfect blend.

Part of the appeal of Young Enterprise is to gain experience with a real life business. We started ours back in December, on a snowy day outside Asda in Harrogate, our team won its first award - Best Sales Pitch- at our first Trade Fair, as judged by the Mayor of Harrogate and the team at Stray FM. But more was to come.

We have created our new brand name - Nuleaf. Our tea is all about feeling good and turning over a new leaf. We have two flavours on offer: Hot Ginger, which is packed full with a punch of spice and antioxidants, and our Royal Moroccan Mint, which is rejuvenating and refreshing.

Not only does Nuleaf stand for living healthily, it also believes in treating yourself; our tea is extremely versatile: it makes a cracking iced-tea or even a night cap cocktail - every tea box comes with a fun cocktail idea.

Our market research within school and numerous tea shops like the renowned Betty’s has shown us that our new tea is special. We have also had the taste of selling our tea at Ampleforth parents’ days which has been a huge success.

Designing our own beautiful, hand designed packaging and securing deals with numerous shops to sell our wonderful tea has all been part of the process. Our journey with Young Enterprise hasn’t been easy, but we have pushed through each problem we have encountered. We were already so proud of what we accomplished when we travelled this May to the Young Enterprise County Final. Nervous, excited, full of hope; it was an amazing day. Our team won the award for Best Financial Management and another for Best Sales, Marketing and Customer Focus. We were delighted and so thrilled but even better: we won the Best Company overall in North Yorkshire and are through to the Yorkshire and Humber final on 13th June!

We warmly invite you to try or purchase your Nuleaf as soon as you can! The Year 12 team this year consists of Bella Illingworth (A), Matilda Tidmarsh (A), Gigi Bolza (B), Frankie Foxcroft (B), Lily Browne (B), Solène Saint Marc (A), Oli Saxby (D) and Ed Gibson (D)