My art journey at Ampleforth hasn't quite been the plain sailing picture one would expect. I decided to do Art GCSE on a whim, thinking it was a fun subject which I enjoyed. Then as time went by and the course became increasingly challenging, I started to love it more and more and began considering it for A Level.

Now, my parents have always been supportive with everything I have done, but Art was never really in the picture; the plan being that I would do Maths, English, History and Christian Theology for A Levels. So it came as quite the surprise when I turned away from Maths, saying Art was the replacement instead! But, they accepted it and I said hello to two more years of Art ahead of me. 

Then came the dreaded question which faces every Middle Sixth student around February time..."what do you want to do after school?". Well there's a curve ball for you. I had always liked the idea of law, being a chatty and argumentative person, I thought why not? But, again, as the Art course became more trying and exciting, I found it increasingly hard to ignore my love for it. So I had to have THE conversation with my parents, telling them that Art was what I wanted to pursue. To my surprise they were actually pretty calm. It took them a couple of days to get on board but after that, they have been completely supportive ever since. 

This year, I have applied to three Art Schools: The Royal Drawing School in London, Leith School of Art in Edinburgh and Loughborough University, all three of which I have been lucky enough to be offered a place. I chose these over all the other Art Foundation courses because they offered much longer and intense school days, traditional teaching and an emphasis on drawing and painting technique rather than graphic design or film. I loved all three but London excites me more than anything (extremely high rent aside!) So I have decided to go to the Royal Drawing School in September. 

My love for art has grown enormously over the years, and I can honestly say that the Ampleforth Art department has been the reason for this. It's a place where anyone and everyone can go and express their thoughts and feelings through art, regardless of their academic achievements or performance on the Sports Field. The Art 'team' of staff are friendly, informative and incredibly good at guiding someone through their creative journey, whilst also letting them find their feet on their own. No one explicitly told me to go and do art after school, that decision I had to come to on my own. However, what they did do was encourage and direct me through the application process, all the while telling me that I was capable of doing it.  

It is truly wonderful to hear Thea discuss her passion and enthusiasm for art and we wish her the very best for September! 

If you would like to learn more about our fabulous Art Department here at Ampleforth College, why not join us for our Open Morning on Saturday 28th September?  Please click here to book your place. We hope to see you soon.