On Thursday 13th June, we hosted our annual Nulli Secundus Competition, held within Ampleforth College grounds and designed to select the best cadet within our Combined Cadet Force (CCF). 

The aim of the competition is to select:

  • The best overall cadet.
  • The top tier Army Cadets as Under Officers (the top cadet being awarded the Royal Irish Fusilier's Cup) who will then command the three year groups in the army section.
  • The best cadet within the RAF section (winner of the Eden Cup). 

The competition comprises of multiple tasks, each designed to challenge our cadets in different ways. Firstly, the Command Task involves either command-led or leaderless command tasks, whereby points are awarded for a cadet's practical ability, command presence, clarity in direction and briefing, composure, flexibility and common sense. This is followed by a Group Discussion, where our cadets participate in a series of seemingly random (yet carefully chosen) discussion subjects. Here, one is required to demonstrate an ability to contribute, expressing opinion and agreement or disagreement without being overbearing. Oral communication skills are assessed as well as the  cadets' ability to interact with each other. After this, they undergo an Unprepared Lecturette task, challenging them to present a two minute lecturette to the Board. Without access to teaching or presentation aides, this task is designed to place them under mental pressure, and so the Board look for confidence, mental strength, adaptability and perseverance. 

Each cadet is then interviewed by at least three members of the Board.  Marks are allocated for presence, ability to justify points of view, composure, maturity and interaction. Consideration is also given to subject matter knowledge (military matters and current affairs) as well as military instinct. Next, an obstacle course is set up on The Bounds and Cadets compete against the clock to accrue points by completing as many laps as possible within the given time frame, whilst incurring as few penalties as possible. One member of the Board observes this together with the SSI. Grit and determination are acknowledged and are seen as being of greater significance than pure physical prowess. Finally, the cadets present a five minute lesson on a military related subject of their choice. These lessons must be prepared and may incorporate visual/teaching aides, as well as involving the audience (questions, pairs work, etc). The Board award marks for good MOI (Methods of Instruction), knowledge, originality, humour, clarity and timeliness.

We are truly delighted to announce the results of this year's competition:  

  • Winner of the Nulli Secundus and Eden Trophy as the top cadet in the Contingent and RAF Section respectively and promoted to Senior Under Officer: SUO H Wakeham-Dawson (D12).
  • Winner of the Irish Fusiliers Trophy as the top cadet in the Army Section and promoted to Under Officer: UO A Lawford-Davies (B12)
  • Promoted to Under Officer: UO A Robison (O12)
  • Promoted to CSgt: CSgt W Kavanagh (T12) and CSgt H Li (C12).

Please do congratulate the cadets on their wonderful success if you see them! 

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