In 2013, we were delighted that the ISI Inspection Report judged the teaching quality at Ampleforth College as ‘Excellent.’  We are now very proud that in 2015 this has been taken a step further with Ampleforth’s boys and girls achieving eight highly coveted Good Schools Guide Awards for outstanding examination results compared to all other independent schools in England. 

Two types of award are made – a Gold Award indicates that a school’s students outranked all other Independent Schools in England for the exam concerned; an Excellence Award indicates that it was runner-up in that subject – still an outstanding achievement given the hundreds of other schools there are.  The awards are based entirely on data, including absolute performance and percentage of students taking the exam, and so are completely independent and objective.

Our 2015 Good Schools Guide Awards include:

  • Gold:  Best performance by Boys taking History A level at an English Independent School
  • Excellence:  Excellent performance by Girls taking German A level at an English Independent School
  • Gold:  Best performance by Boys taking Spanish A level at an English Independent School
  • Excellence:  Excellent performance by Boys taking German A level at an English Independent School

In addition, there were other Gold and Excellence Awards for Ampleforth students who took:

  • Italian A level
  • Italian AS level
  • German AS level
  • French Level 1/2 certificates (IGCSE)

Since their inception in 2008, we are also proud to have achieved five other Good Schools Guide Awards for examination results, including, for example, Christian Theology at AS level.

These awards are extremely difficult to achieve – to have won eight in one year is astonishing and a real tribute to the high standards reached by so many of the boys and girls at Ampleforth.  As Ralph Lucas, Editor of The Good Schools Guide, comments, ‘Our annual awards scheme is designed to recognise and reward excellence in teaching in every subject area at both GCSE and A Level or equivalent. Our awards give individual teachers and departments where teaching is at its very best the recognition they deserve.’

It is also pleasing that many other departments at Ampleforth achieved what were comparably impressive results in 2015.  Also, that boys and girls generally perform equally well at Ampleforth, though it is not uncommon for girls in particular to shine.  In 2015, for example, over half of History’s A* grades at A level were achieved by girls even though they comprised less than half of the cohort.  This, though, is not surprising given Ampleforth’s emphasis on sharing best teaching practice across all departments and our consistent focus on the importance of the individual student.  As the Headmaster, Fr Wulstan Peterburs, comments, ‘The Good Schools Guide Awards are certainly a very high accolade and we are extremely proud of the students and staff who did so much to earn them.  However, we see them not just as awards for individual departments but as recognition of the high academic standards we have across the school.  In future years, we expect that other departments will be just as likely to win them as those that did so this year.’