On the weekend of 25th and 26th May, Ampleforth celebrated our Exhibition weekend, writes Louis Moss (Year 9).

Exhibition is more than a simple prize-giving and speech day: it is a weekend which showcases what this school is really about, celebrating all the achievements of the many students here. We were all eager to show our parents all the different activities we have been involved in while away from home.

Parents were spoilt for choice: the drama department put on the Exhibition play, ‘Wind in the Willows’. I was backstage giving all the lighting and sound cues through a headset system. It was a nerve-wracking job, but fun and a great experience.

I also played percussion in orchestra and piano in big band (my first time in a jazz band). It’s an exciting time but hard work!

Other students contributed with their unique skills and gifts. The Art and Design exhibit was a highlight, with student portfolios displayed beautifully. There were many sporting fixtures too. The school played cricket against the Old Amplefordians, and there were matches where parents competed either with or against their own children. There was even an equestrian dressage display.

Having heard our school Cadet Force’s Guard of Honour rehearsals from my dorm window at seven o’clock each morning in the run in to the weekend, I can’t say I was surprised that it went off so well!

It was an amazing weekend, and a great experience for us all.

Have a look a the drone footage taken throughout the day here: