An Evening of  Stargazing 

On Thursday evening, Ceci, Mary and Kimi headed out to Sutton Bank Visitors' Centre, a certified Dark Sky Discovery Site, for an opportunity to view the night sky through a very powerful telescope and to learn more about astronomy.  Of course, after a week of beautiful clear skies, it was very cloudy on our Stargazing evening!  However, we were still able to learn about the telescope, handle some 4 billion year-old meteorites, watch a film about the winter sky in the planetarium, and have all of our space-related questions answered.

Ceci: "The best bit was the planetarium and learning the different constellations.  I knew a couple of them through CCF nighttime navigation exercises, but I learnt more, and how the visible stars change through the year, including when my horoscope constellation, Scorpio, is visible."

Kimi: "I was amazed by how heavy the iron meteorite was; it felt like lead in my hand!"