Today we were delighted to welcome two employees from Walker Crips Wealth Management in York, to run a 'Discover Fortunes' session on behalf of the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) with our Year 12 BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship students.

This was very welcome timing, as the content of their talk ties in directly with the Personal & Business Finance unit the students are currently studying. The talk began with a wonderful insight into the world of wealth management and what the role of a financial adviser actually entails. The students then watched a series of videos, each one presenting a person with a unique approach to wealth management. This ranged from those who are more financially cautious and perhaps have a more long-term attitude towards financial stability, to those who are more inclined to take risks and invest their money.

Through learning more about these different personality types, from "risktakers" to defenders" for instance, the students were then able to form a better understanding of how a financial adviser might work with individuals to help them manage their spending, budget and plan for the future. This knowledge was then put into practice through an educational board game. Here, students would pick a card, each one displaying a different character with varying  financial circumstances. The task was to then establish, as a team, what plans might be put in place to help that individual. This might include saving for a pension, managing assets or negotiating a contract. 

The talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students, and provided the opportunity for them to consider potential career prospects in the financial sector, now with a much better idea of what this would actually involve and what next steps they might need to take in order to achieve this. This is just one of numerous BTEC workshops taking place over the course of the academic year, and we would like to thank all those who continue to share their time and expertise with our students.