The Careers & Vocations Department at Ampleforth College provides advice and guidance to students at all stages of their school career.  Our approach is built around four pillars - decision-making, self-awareness, opportunity and transition.  We help every student in our care go beyond their potential.

Welcome to the Autumn update from the Careers & Vocations Department.  Here you will learn more about our upcoming events and some top tips for parents and students.  

SAT Tuition

A 16 week SAT tuition course for entry to American universities commenced on Sunday 1st October.  Nine students are taking part in the weekly three hour lessons.

The Morrisby Programme

The Morrisby organisation offer an online assessment followed by an interview with a Morrisby careers adviser designed to assist students with their university and career choices. The assessments and interviews will take place this term for students in Year 11 and parents will be sent copies of the profiles at the end of the term.  Personal logins will be provided so that students and parents can also use the profile interactively.

Careers and Vocation Department information on Social Media

Up-to-date information from the Careers and Vocation Department will soon be shared on the Ampleforth College Facebook and Twitter page, providing another way of accessing the information found in the termly careers newsletters - @AmpleforthColl.

Networking event

On Friday 29th September we were joined by eight Old Amplefordians who gave a short talk about their careers in Law, Film , Veterinary Science, Medicine, Accountancy  and Entrepreneurship. This was followed by a networking event with thirty students who spoke to the OAs on a one to one basis about their careers and how to get work experience in the sectors that interest them.

Higher Education News

The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has topped The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018’s league table for the fifth consecutive year.   Please click here for further news about this and other universities. 

PwC is offering a four year degree apprenticeship with the University of Leeds in Computer Science (Digital and Technology Solutions).  For more information, please click here.

Combined Honours at the University of Sheffield

This course is one of the only programmes that allows students to pursue three subjects and to create their own degree.  For more information, please click here.

BA in Criminology

The University of Nottingham is now offering a BA in Criminology with an optional year abroad.  For more information please click here.

Careers in international hospitality management

Students at leading international hospitality management universities typically receive 2 or 3 job offers before graduation, not just from hotels and hospitality organisations but from luxury brand companies, global banks, asset and insurance companies and sporting organisations.

Courses at Swiss institutions, which continue to top the international hospitality management course rankings, are taught in English and include global internships.  Forthcoming open days include:

  • Les Roches – Friday 20th October, Thursday 26th October and Friday 10th November – click to learn more
  • Glion-Saturday 21st October, Friday 27th October and Saturday 11th December – click to learn more
  • Swiss institutions are not part of the UCAS application system, so for more information, or further details of the different universities and courses, email Marcus Burnett:

Studying Medicine in Europe

There will be two conferences on studying Medicine in Europe on 11th November in Manchester and 12thNovember in London.   For more information, please click here.


Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology

Sir James Dyson vows to tackle the shortfall of female engineers with his new Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology.  Click to learn more.

Jobs at Risk of Automation

The technological revolution is putting certain jobs at risk of being redefined or disappearing in the future. For information about the kinds of jobs that will still be around in 20 years, please click here.

Becoming a journalist

What top editors who deal with graduate recruitment look for in students who want to be journalists. Click to learn more.

Ways to respond to  “What is your greatest weakness?” in a job interview?

Click to learn more.

Careers in film

The British Film Institute has produced an action plan for the film industry which identifies skills shortages and career opportunities.  To download the action plan, please click here.

Careers in environmental science

In response to the increasing number of environmental science degree courses and expanding career opportunities for environmental scientists, the Institution of Environmental Sciences, has established an accreditation programme for university and college courses.  Students enrolled on accredited courses can apply for free membership of the Institution which provides information and advice about routes into environmental science careers.  For more information about accredited courses, student membership and career opportunities in environmental science, please click here.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

For information about university rankings according to the Times Higher Education, please click here.


There has recently been an increase in degree apprenticeships designed by companies in a variety of industries and universities.  Please see this guide for more information.

Results of a recent Institute of Student Employers (formerly the Association of Graduate Recruiters) survey of employers include:

  • Recruitment levels are rising – employers surveyed have hired 20,614 graduates and 11,016 apprentices (of which 823 are degree apprentices) this year
  • This represents a 1% rise in graduate jobs, a 19% increase in all apprenticeships and a 50% increase in degree apprenticeships
  • Employers expect to increase degree apprenticeships by 15% in 2018
  • The median starting salary for a degree apprentice is £17,800 lower than the median graduate starting salary of £28,000

For more information, please click here.

For more information about degree apprenticeships with L’Oreal, BBC and IBM, please click here.

Short Courses

For more information about short summer courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, please click here.