On Thursday 9th January, we had the pleasure of welcoming OA Nick McAleenan (H98), a Media and Communications law solicitor at JMW law firm, and Lily Macdonald from "InvestIn", a London based company which provides career experiences for students aged 15-18. They both delivered incredibly helpful and thought-provoking talks to our sixth form students, providing insight into their own career paths and what potential next steps they could take to establish their own. 

Andrew began by explaining what his role at JMW entails, namely working with clients and businesses regarding data privacy, information and reputation. Nick has worked in several high profile cases, from phone-hacking to commercial litigation disputes. He noted that whilst being a student here at Ampleforth, he studied a broad range of A-Level subjects (French, Maths, History and Religious Studies) and acknowledged that he didn't have a definitive idea of what he wanted to study at university or which career path was potentially right for him.

After it was suggested to him, Nick went on to study Law at the University of Leicester and in doing so, found his vocation. It was a sign of encouragement to those students who, like Nick, are perhaps equally uncertain of what it is they may wish to study at university or which career they feel best suited to. As Nick pointed out, it is important to decide "what path is best for you", perhaps even taking a year to travel before starting university or taking a less linear route, as he recomended.

This was followed by a wonderful presentation from Lily Macdonald, who specialises in helping students tackle the current graduate landscape and establishing what strengths and skills they can transfer to a given role. Lily offered practical advice on what employers look for, how to recgonise what talents and experience you have and how this could be applied to a vast range of jobs, potentially even those which at first glance might not seem immediately obvious. As she explained, from GCSE's onwards, our students can begin to establish where their interests lie, what transferable skills they possess and what subjects will help them achieve their goals. 

We would like to sincerely thank Nick and Lily for sharing their time and expertise with our students and we look forward to welcoming them back to the valley in the future. 

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available to our students and gain a glimpse of what life is like here at Ampleforth College, why not come along to our next Open Morning on March 7th 2020? Please click here to book your place. We hope to see you soon!