Last Friday, a networking event was organised for the whole of Year 12 to attend a series of careers talks given by five OAs, who informed students about their current careers and the pathways that led to them. 

This was followed by a  networking event with the OA's for 30 students. The students were able to practise some of  the communication skills needed to network as well as find out more about the careers represented and potential work experience opportunities.

Casim Crites (Year 12 St. John's) took the time to reflect on the evening and share his experience of what he learned:

''Personally, I found it particularly interesting to find out the skills required to pursue a career in banking. I now appreciate that studying something that one enjoys and will thrive at is incredibly important, and that principle is also true of whatever field you wish to work in.The event has allowed me to consider my choice in university courses with more knowledge of the careers I could then go into as a result. It was also great to see how the OA's have progressed and gone into positions we aspire to. It was genuinely fascinating to find out the steps they took to get there.''

Many thanks to our fabulous OA's, Joanna, Jaspar, Rupert, Paul and Billy for giving their time to put together a truly wonderful evening for our year 12 students! We hope to see you again soon!