St Edward's & St Wilfrid's House. 

In September 2018 we will be integrating three new year groups into Ampleforth College. Recognising the growing trend for pupils to start their senior education at age 10 or 11, we believe that joining the junior house will give them the best of both worlds. With bespoke boarding, study and recreation space tailored to our youngest pupils, they will have a small, safe world in the heart of our main campus. This will give them direct access to outstanding academic, sports, arts, music and other facilities available in our beautiful valley. 

Dr David and Mrs Clare Moses will be in charge of the care of all the children in the junior house. David was formerly the Head at St Martin’s Ampleforth prep school and before that Housemaster in one of our senior boys’ houses. Clare has always worked alongside David in his pastoral roles as well as fulfilling her own role as a Learning Support teacher. Their combined experience, particularly in caring for younger children, makes them the perfect choice to set up the new junior house. As David says “If I hear St Edward’s & St Wilfrid’s described as a “bubble”, that is just fine for me! I want a place where each and every child feels secure and recognised”.

Our boarders will have a home away from home. Boys and girls will have their own dormitories where the design has been inspired by the pupils themselves. The House is warm and modern with special touches such as handcrafted “Mouseman” furniture, a large, enclosed play area and cosy kitchen-dining space, perfect for hot chocolate and homemade cakes. David and Clare will be assisted by skilled and experienced matrons and tutors so the children will never be short of a listening ear or helpful advice.

Many children tell us that the biggest adjustment in starting their senior education is that of finding their way around a new, unfamiliar campus. The location of St Edward’s & St Wilfrid’s is in the heart of the College, a stone’s throw from classrooms and other facilities. They will be well supervised by staff as they learn their way around and will only have a short trip back to their House when it’s time for break or the end of the day. The Year 6 children will be taught in their own, purpose built classroom in the House itself.

Dr Hannah Pomroy, the Director of Academic Studies has worked with teaching staff to devise a tailor made curriculum for the younger years. They will find a full timetable taught by experts with all the resources and equipment needed to bring their subject to life. With no need to take Common Entrance exams, the pupils can focus on the best possible preparations for future GCSEs and have a seamless transition through the school. Year 6 pupils will have a dedicated class teacher as well as access to specialist knowledge whenever they need it. All pupils will take part in the Lyceum enrichment programme: weekly opportunities to explore new and exciting challenges designed to help them to develop their talents, discover new interests and prepare themselves for the world beyond the classroom.

With acres of sports pitches, an onsite indoor swimming pool, sports centre and highly qualified staff, all junior house children will have a packed sporting timetable. From traditional team games to opportunities to try brand new sports, the children will be leading healthy and active lives.

As well as sports there is a full range of activities on offer giving children a chance to develop interests and hobbies. Including activities as diverse as baking, dance, survival skills and chess, there will be something for every child to enjoy. As with the rest of Ampleforth, music forms a big part of life, including the chance to join our renowned choir, the Schola Sancti Martini.

Chaplaincy life is at the heart of the house and a vital part of our pastoral care, instilling strong values and form a moral compass to guide children throughout their life. The House Chaplain, Fr John Fairhurst, has many years of chaplaincy experience with younger children and will play a big role at St Edward’s & St Wilfrid’s. He will lead daily prayers and weekly masses in the House chapel, introduce the children to the whole school masses in the spectacular Abbey church and participate in many aspects of House life.

Having read this flavour of St Edward’s & St Wilfrid’s House, we hope that you will want to hear more. Please contact us on 01439 766863 to ask any questions or arrange a visit. You can also book to come on our Open Morning in April which will offer more information.