Life in the Ampleforth Valley

An Ampleforth education is a “Compass for Life”

Each individual’s talents are recognised and nurtured within a welcoming and supportive community rooted in Benedictine values. Set in a beautiful Yorkshire valley, the College offers a rounded education and breadth of opportunity for each student to discover and develop their interests and strengths and to fulfil their academic potential. They learn how to think independently and be thoughtful about others, to have the confidence to lead and the humility to serve. Equipped with the skills and mindset needed to flourish intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, Amplefordians are inspired to be caring citizens and to make the right decisions in life.

Robin Dyer, who joined as Headmaster in September 2019, is leading a drive to reinvigorate Ampleforth’s tradition of independent thinking and learning in all aspects of school life.

Whilst the College site is currently closed due to Coronavirus, we are still operating as e-Ampleforth with our students working through e-learning.  Whilst we cannot offer visits for families at this time, we hope this section of our website gives you a flavour of life here in the Ampleforth valley.  If you have any queries, or wish to arrange a video or telephone call with our Senior Admissions Manager, Helen McKell, please do contact her on the details at the bottom of this page.  We hope to hear from you soon.

“If I had to describe Mr Dyer in two words they would have to be honest and genuine. He has made a huge impact on the school by really trying to connect with the students and putting in so much effort to understand them.”  Georgina, Year 13

The Adventure of Ampleforth

Set in 2,200 acres of land affectionately known as the Valley, our beautiful, rural setting lends itself to an extensive range of stimulating co-curricular experiences. There is something for everyone – all can discover and develop their interests and talents.

“There’s just about anything you want to do and you can do it at whatever level you want to do it at.  You will get a fantastic education at Ampleforth, whatever your potential is.”  Hannah Pomroy, Deputy Head

Love of Learning

Ampleforth accepts more than just the most academically gifted. Every student is inspired to reach their potential. Our results show excellent academic progress. For us, educational success is about developing independent thinking and learning which bring the skills needed to thrive in life, most importantly good and confident communication, creative problem solving, collaborative working, leadership, and resilience.

“The teachers were brilliant.  They knew how to get me to where I needed to be – they taught the way I learnt best and they did that for everyone.  We were all encouraged to think independently and were treated as individuals.”  Edward, Old Amplefordian

Pastoral Care & Spiritual Enrichment

We are a full boarding school with a rich and varied programme of events every day and at the weekends. Houses are real homes where children in different year groups mix and form lasting friendships with each other and with staff. A strong House system with dedicated staff encourages openness and trust between students, staff, and parents. Full boarding engrains a deeper sense of community and provides a richer experience We pride ourselves on being Catholic educators.  We are not simply aware of our responsibility in this regard, but able to integrate it into everything we do, whether we are Catholic or not.

“There is a great sense of community here.  I think it is very special.  Ampleforth is more than just a school.  If you spend any length of time here you will see what I mean.”  Katie, Year 12  


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We hope you have enjoyed learning more about life here in the Ampleforth Valley.  Below, our Senior Admissions Registrar, Helen McKell, explains a little more about our admissions process.  If you would like to speak to Helen for more details, please call her on 0044 +1439 766736 or email  Alternaitvely, why not book to join us for our e-Open Morning on Saturday 2nd May?  Click here for more details. We look forward to hearing from you.