There are ten boarding houses at Ampleforth, each run by a Housemaster or Housemistress who is resident with their own family.

There are six boys’ houses and three girls’ houses named after a saint.  This will become six boys houses, one Junior House, and three girls houses as of September 2018.  Whichever house your son or daughter is placed in, they will be under the care of an experienced teacher who has the role of Housemaster or Housemistress, supported by a team which includes a Residential Assistant Housemaster/Mistress, several tutors, a Monk chaplain, the Matron and the Housekeeping staff.  Some families have a strong connection to a house already, and therefore wish their child to join that house, space depending.  For other families, house choices are made based on visits to the College, tours of houses and meetings with the housemasters/mistresses.  Each house has its own distinctive character, but at Ampleforth we try to ensure that each house has a wide spread of backgrounds, talents and needs.

When you accept an offer you are invited to make a choice of house. We do try to match houses with preferences, but sometimes we have to make an offer of a different house instead. A ballot system is used to ensure fairness. The final decision rests with the Headmaster.

You can read about our Houses by clicking here.