Our Scholarship programme allows students with a particular talent, whether in academic subjects, music or extra-curricular pursuits, to be recognised for their ability and to be stimulated and challenged to improve still further.

Ampleforth College offers Academic, Music and Basil Hume Scholarships at 13+ and Academic and Music Scholarships at 16+. All scholarships are honorary, although music lessons are provided for music scholars.

Scholarships can be awarded at any stage of a student’s career, but many students will try for a scholarship in the year before entry.  On the following pages in this section you will be able to find out more about the different scholarships available at Ampleforth.

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Examination Dates 2017-18

All examinations are taken at Ampleforth and all are open to boarders and day students. If candidates are required to stay overnight, accommodation will be provided for them.

Music and Sixth Form award examinations are completed in one day. However, accommodation can be provided if necessary. The College will send all details about the examination arrangements to the candidate's school and parents.

Headteachers of schools entering candidates for the examination are asked to send in a report on their candidates before the examination. This should include a general assessment of character and comments on academic potential, reading and interests.

Scholarship awardDate of scholarshipClosing date for applications

16+ Academic

Friday 24th November 2017Tuesday 31st October 2017

13+ Music

Thursday 1st February 2018

Friday 12th January 2018

16+ Music

Friday 2nd February 2018Friday 12th January 2018

13+ Academic

Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st February 2018Sunday 31st December 2017

13+ Basil Hume

Wednesday 21st to Thursday 22nd February 2018Sunday 31st December 2017