Year 9
All Year 9 entrants may choose to study one of the following combinations of languages:

Spanish and French

German and French

German and Spanish

We endeavour to support students in exploring language whatever their level of experience and previous study, and encourage all students to select at least one Modern Foreign Language when GCSE options are chosen during the Lent term of this academic year.


Students of French and German follow the new AQA GCSE (9-1) syllabus, developing confidence in receptive and productive language skills.

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In Spanish, students work towards the CIE IGSCE.

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A Level

Since September 2016 we have taught AQA A level French, German and Spanish courses, with our first cohort of students sitting new A level examinations in summer 2018. These are exciting and demanding linear qualifications, with students developing a high level of skill in language production and understanding over two years of study.

Ideally a GCSE grade 7 in the language concerned would be considered a minimum requirement to embark upon an A level course, though students who have gained a grade 8 or 9 at GCSE find the transition to A level much less daunting. No less important is a genuine interest in language and culture and a desire to learn.

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Provision for native speakers and near-native speakers

For native speakers of French, German, Italian and Spanish, we offer off-timetable lessons geared not only towards their passing (I)GCSE and A level examinations in their mother tongues, but also towards enriching vocabulary, learning to use appropriately different registers, and writing to meet precise academic criteria.

In the Middle school (Y9, Y10 and Y11) the majority of these students choose to be entered for IGCSEs as a Second Language.

In the Sixth Form (Y12 and Y13) native speakers and near-native speakers are invited to prepare to sit A level qualifications.  New A level specifications are increasingly demanding, including study of contemporary issues, film and literature, and therefore students are required to engage fully with a programme of examination preparation.

Native speakers of languages not taught in the department receive assistance and guidance if they wish to sit exams in Polish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese or Japanese.


We are able to provide expert support for both Middle School and Sixth Form native speakers  of Chinese in preparing for second language GCSE and A level examinations, on a group tuition basis.   Private tuition is also available from beginners to native speaker level.