We engage in the deepest questions of faith, life, truth and hope. 

1 Peter 3:15

We believe that religious education is the foundation of the entire educational process.  We offer a   comprehensive and systematic study of Theology which is academically rigorous and challenging.  Its primary purpose is academic, not catechetical or evangelical, but the subject forms an important part of the catechetical community.  Academic excellence is our primary focus, and this is delivered by our dedicated team of experienced teachers.  All students at Ampleforth study Christian Theology.

In the Middle School, the subject is core.   Year 9 students study for two hours a week, Years 10 and 11 study for three hours a week following the AQA Religious Studies syllabus, and all take the full GCSE.  Results have traditionally been very strong. 

In the Sixth Form, Year 12 students either take a further half GCSE (1 hour per week)  or the full AS level (6 hours per week).  Year 13 students who have taken the AS may choose to take this forward to A2.  Again, our results have been strong. 

Many of our sixth form read Theology or Philosophy at University.  There is the opportunity to study with the world-class theologian Fr Henry Wansbrough in the extra-curricular Newman Group (aimed at those who wish to read Theology or Philosophy at Oxbridge or Durham) and the opportunity to join our very popular Aquinas Society or our junior Abelard Society.

Aims of the Department: 

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but transform your mind. 

Romans 12:2

The mission statement of the Christian Living course is: “We mean to establish a school for the Lord’s service”

The Christian Living course exists to help create St Benedict’s vision of a school for the Lord’s service. This is achieved in two ways:

A course which is designed to help to build the sort of community that we want Ampleforth to be.
A course which is focused upon preparing our young men and women for the challenges of living a Christian Life within the wider world.

We aim for academic excellence. We aim to be at the forefront of theological education in UK schools. Our most recent results are 85% A*-B grades at A2, 60% A*-A at GCSE and 20% of the sixth form are going on to read Theology, Philosophy or a related subject at Russell Group universities in 2012/13.

We aim for excellence in teaching and learning. We work collaboratively and in cooperation with other departments and the rest of the school in order to deliver outstanding lessons.  We, respecting the beliefs of non-Catholic students and the consciences of all, hope to communicate and share a lively articulate and critically aware Christian faith.

Theology is the systematic and rational study of religious truth. The Christian Theology Department aims for academic excellence, demanding disciplined study, critical reflection and analysis of perceptions, opinions, values and beliefs. We aim to ensure that students are philosophically, religiously, morally and socially aware and have developed the ability to listen to other peoples’ points of view even if they conflict with their own. We aim to foster free thinking, open debate and a genuine love of learning. An open mind is essential. The course follows the AQA specification.