Core PE Programmes of Study

The core PE programme is a three year programme studied by all students in years 9-11 once a week. The programme is taught in half termly units. At the start of the year all students test themselves in a range of PE tests – agility, balance, co ordination, strength, speed, flexibility and endurance. They identify their strengths and weaknesses. We then set up a range of experiences to build and improve on these.

In Year 9 we focus on endurance and flexibility through hockey, swimming, gym, athletics, and tennis.

In Year 10 we extend their movement skills to include speed and co ordination. Again we look at invasion games, personal survival, gym, athletics and tennis.

By Year 11 we are completing their personal programme picture. They take responsibility for their own strengths and weaknesses and we build a programme to suit their needs whilst working as a team on games, gym, athletics and racket sports.

Fitness Testing

The focus on students' fitness is an ongoing throughout the pe programme. The aim as well as teaching a range of sporting skills and techniques, is to develop students awareness of their personal fitness and the impact pe has on their health and well being. They are tested twice a year and assessed against nationally published fitness test data.