Is Amazon the end of the high street shop?
Why does the average Premier League footballer earn almost twice as much in a week as the average nurse earns in a year?
What happens when the oil runs out?
How does China’s economic slowdown affect us all?

Business Studies and Economics help students to develop a critical understanding of current economic issues, problems and institutions that affect everyday life. We consider issues such as the choices which determine how resources are allocated, how businesses and wider societies adapt to change in the modern world and how organisations work. 

Business Studies

In their future lives almost all Ampleforth students will work either for an organisation or for themselves. In Business Studies students learn about commercial organisations, the markets they serve, the constituent elements of businesses, including finance and marketing, and the process of adding value.   


Economics is above all a way of thinking. Economic theory such as the laws of supply and demand provides a toolkit for understanding many of the complex issues which face us in the modern world. It is entirely modern and relevant to the moment – issues which are currently studied such as Brexit, China’s growth, NHS funding and migration will not be studied in five years time unless they happen still to be current.