Learning should be something students do to prepare them for the future but more than that, something they want to do. Engagement fuels learning and iPads offer a way in which to help provide rigorous, engaging and authentic learning. They offer increased pathways for providing learning experiences which are formative, collaborative and relevant.
The iPad scheme was introduced in September 2016 and now all Year 12 students bring iPads to lessons to enhance their learning.

Why iPads?

  • iPads allow the user to access the world’s libraries and universities at their fingertips, for example through iTunes U
  • They provide a focus for collaboration and communication using Keynote or Explain Everything and a tool for synthesising knowledge through apps such as Poplet
  • The iPad is a ‘digital pencil case’ offering truly mobile learning

Since January 2016 all teachers have had their own ipad. Here is a short film to give you a glimpse of what we have been able to do so far.


Director of Studies Hannah Pomroy explains “As a teacher I have found that the iPad has released me from the front of the class, making the learning in my lessons feel much more like a shared process.  It’s the perfect teaching and learning tool – designed to be easily used, projected on screen and capable of everything a laptop would do from lesson planning to involving activities, content consumption and creativity.

I have been able to give the students instant access to a wide variety of resources, and pull up graphs and videos as the twists and turns of the learning process demand, bringing engagement, depth and added understanding and I am very excited about the prospect of the students being able to do some of this for themselves, to help increase their independence, self-efficacy and motivation.”

The iPad is a superb learning tool especially in relation to communication skills, critical thinking, stimulating creativity, problem solving, decision-making, research and information fluency. We want to give our students a competitive edge on their peers.