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Ampleforth College has an excellent Medical Centre, the College Infirmary, which is staffed 24 hours a day during term time. 

A student may attend for advice and management of illness or injury, physiotherapy, counselling, and vaccinations (routine and travel) are offered.  There are 20 beds where students can be closely monitored and can remain overnight if unwell.  

New students are reviewed at the Infirmary in the first few weeks of joining to confirm and assess any pre-existing medical problems, family history and current health issues.  This gives a baseline of what is normal for the student.  This is also an opportunity to introduce the students to the Infirmary staff and to highlight the location, accessibility and functions of the Infirmary.

Doctors' clinics are held at the College Infirmary on weekdays from 12.30pm to 2pm on an appointment basis.  Appointments can be booked at the local practice too.

Referrals from the GP to other health professionals can be made on the NHS.  Many parents choose to have private cover and the option of either route is offered when referrals to specialists are necessary.  Referrals can be made to specialists locally or further afield, for example, nearer to the family home.


Medical Staff


Our full-time registered nurses are:

Trish Camden-Smith RGN (Lead Nurse)

Annabel Hayes RGN (College Infirmary Nurse)

Lindzi McKee RGN (College Infirmary Nurse)

Liz Hurst RGN (College Infirmary Nurse)

There is also a team of regular part-time registered nurses with a wide range of knowledge, experience and skills ranging from front line A&E to smoking cessation.



Dr Greg Black

Dr Kate Howlett


Private physiotherapy clinics are held twice weekly by specialist Physiotherapists:

Andrew Wilson

Danielle Gash

NHS physiotherapy is available at the local practice.


Mental Health

We have access to Dr James Dickens private Consultant Psychiatrist for child and adolescent mental health and Dr Fiona Lattimer, private Clinical Psychologist for adolescents.  In addition we have access to NHS CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service).