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Ampleforth College is a caring organisation.  Health and Safety is consequently one of our dominant values, underpinned by a shared understanding that the care of others is a fundamental Christian duty at the heart of our Benedictine values, present long before the modern sense of health and safety came into being.
Our fantastic location and wonderful facilities allow us to offer a broad range of exciting activities to all students. A strong health and safety culture, informed by the expectations of the Ampleforth Abbey Trust Safety Charter, provides a protective framework in which students can enjoy the environment and the choices which are available to them and which allows parents to be aware that there is an organisational commitment to their child’s health, safety and well-being.

The Health and Safety Climate of the College places health and safety at the highest level of school governance, which confirms strategy and structure and provides for the effective monitoring of staff health and safety performance.  Health and Safety Compliance confirms the College’s commitment to meeting its legal health and safety responsibilities; in addition, internal processes are supportive of an embedded and generative culture which moves health and safety beyond compliance towards actively protective planning and management which prioritise the care of students.  Health and Safety Participation requires staff to possess and to develop skills and behaviours so as to be competent and “risk-intelligent” practitioners.

Ampleforth is committed to being a best practice organisation in health and safety: we have our own professionally qualified Director of Health and Safety.

In the College’s last ISI Inspection, Health & Safety was deemed to be excellent.