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Lectio divina is meditative reading of sacred scripture with heart and mind devoted to hearing what God is saying to the reader here and now. 

It is reading which doesn't have any other purpose than to spend time with God.  In lectio divina the reader first understands the literal meaning of the text and moves from there to what only the Holy Spirit can reveal.  The reader makes time for prayer and thereby the reading becomes a conversation between the reader and God.

When people do lectio divina in a group a further element is made possible: sharing with the others what God is saying to them here and now in this particular text.  We call the sharing 'echoes' because of the way sound bounces off an object and sounds differently in different media, so the way that the Word speaks to each person is different and what they experience is therefore different.  When they share these echoes it builds trust and deepens friendships.

Our students are invited to form a lectio group with friends from their house.  In this group, led by a peer, they can do lectio divina together once a week, quietly reading the bible passage, allowing time for silence, echoes and prayer.  The lectio groups are largely initiated during the visits of members of the Manquehue Apostolic Movement from Chile.