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In 1908 Mr Peter Feeny offered to build a theatre at Ampleforth and on May 6th 1909 the cornerstone was laid.

The first recorded use of the theatre was July 27th 1910 for a concert at which Fr Abbott distributed prizes.

The first play in the New Theatre, as it was referred to, was the Nativity Mystery Play, performed at 4.30pm on December 21st 1910.  On the evening of 14th June 1911 the Exhibition play was for the first time acted in the theatre. Macbeth seems an unusual choice!

The theatre also housed a plunge bath and changing rooms in its lower levels. 

In 1922 a cinema projector was acquired but couldn’t be used in the theatre until 1923 when electric lighting and central heating was installed.

In Lent term 1995 the first Inter- House drama competition took place.