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There are currently ten boarding houses at Ampleforth, three for girls and seven for boys.

On arrival, all students join a house, which will become a central focus and important base for them during their time at the school. Each house is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress who are supported by resident assistants and house tutors. The pastoral care of the students is of paramount importance to us and there are many points of contact available for parents and students, both within and outside their house. The College infirmary is situated in its own building on the campus and is permanently staffed by well-qualified and experienced nurses.

When parents confirm their intention of sending their son or daughter to Ampleforth College, they are invited to express a preference for a House.  Choosing a House for a son or daughter is an important decision and parents are advised to consult the Headmaster, the Senior Admissions Registrar and individual Housemasters or Housemistresses. Places in years other than Year 9 are limited and it may not be able to offer the full choice of Houses. Day boys and girls are integrated into the boarding houses, but places are extremely limited.  

The Headmaster reserves the right to make the final decision with regards placement in individual Houses to ensure a balance throughout the College, but every attempt will be made to accommodate parental wishes. The Headmaster will allocate students who have not been assigned to Houses prior to entry.

For help on any matter concerning entry to the school, please write to, or telephone 

Mrs Helen McKell
The Admissions Office
Ampleforth College
YO62 4ER 
T: 01439 766863

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