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All academic scholarships awarded in the year 2010-2011 and thereafter will be subject to annual review.

We expect, based on experience, that the majority of those awarded the status of scholar, will fulfil the requirements for the retention of their scholarships and that the process of review will help them to live up to and make the most of the status they have received. The expectations and requirements for the retention of academic scholarships are outlined below.

To retain scholarship status academic scholars must be prepared to review their performance. This review should include an audit of the intellectual journeys they have made above and beyond the demands of public examinations. Academic scholars must also achieve high attainment grades in examinations and in half term grades. They must remain in the A form and achieve at least 6 A* grades at GCSE. We recommend that they should write Prize Essays in the Middle School and undertake EPQs in the Sixth Form.

Academic scholars are expected to work hard. They should achieve Headmaster’s commendations.  If scholars fail to achieve at least 3 Headmaster’s commendations a year in the Middle School and 2 a year in the Sixth Form, they could lose scholarship status. They will also be required to make a contribution to the academic life of the school. This could be by acting as subject mentors or secretaries to academic societies. 

Scholars will be expected to act as role models. Headmaster’s detentions and class exclusions or any other serious breach of school discipline could lead to the removal of their status. 

A Head of Scholars will be appointed annually for each academic year group. 

The annual award of scholarships will be at the discretion of the Headmaster, who will be guided by the criteria mentioned above. Should an existing scholar not be reappointed, they will, of course be able to regain the status if the expectations and requirements are met in the subsequent year.