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13+ Academic Awards

Candidates will sit the Common Scholarship Exams at the times set for Group A schools, usually at the end of February. Full details of the syllabuses and specimen papers can be obtained from the Independent School Examinations Board website (

Scholarships at Ampleforth are honorary and do not carry with them a remission of fees. However, the award of a scholarship will support a bursary application.

The Examination

Papers are set in English, Mathematics, Science (Chemistry, Biology & Physics), Latin, French (Oral, Listening, Reading & Writing), History, Geography and Religious Studies. There is an optional Greek paper set by Ampleforth College. Good work in this paper may help but cannot harm the chances of an award. Although there is no set examination in Art. Design and Technology or ICT, candidates are encouraged to offer portfolios of work done in these areas in support of their award. A good portfolio may help but cannot harm the chances of an award.

Applications for the Common Scholarship examinations are made through the candidate's preparatory school. Candidates who do not attend a school that prepares for the Common Scholarship should contact the Director of Admissions at Ampleforth College.


16+ Academic Awards and Scholarships

Candidates for Sixth Form awards sit examinations held at Ampleforth during November. Full details of the format and specimen papers may be downloaded or can be obtained from the Director of Admissions.

The Examination

There will be one three-hour paper, and candidates are expected to attempt a maximum of four questions. There is one compulsory question taken from the General section, and any three further questions taken from any subject-specific sections. The subjects and questions chosen by candidates do not commit them to studying the same subjects in the sixth form. Therefore they should choose questions from subjects that will allow them to present their current academic talent in its best light. There are no oral examinations in Modern Languages.



The scholarship application fee is £50. Cheques should be made payable to St Laurence Education Trust. For other methods of payment, please contact the admissions office.


Contact Admissions

Mrs Helen McKell
The Admissions Office
Ampleforth College
YO62 4ER 

T: 01439 766863