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Year 9

At the end of year 9, pupils opt for whether they will study;

Physics as a separate science in Years 10 & 11 or

Physics as Science/Additional Science in Years 10 & 11


Students follow the AQA Physics (4451) specification. All groups are taught by subject specialists.

Both Higher Tier (giving access to grades A* - C) and Foundation Tier (C – G) examination papers are available. Candidates are entered for the papers which best suit their ability – this decision is made in the Lent Term of Year 11 (Remove) following trial examinations. In practice, the majority sit the Higher tier papers.

AS & A Level

The Advancing Physics course provides a distinctive structure within which students learn both about fundamental physical concepts and about physics in technological settings. A primary aim of the course is to show how physics is practised and used today. Equally important, however, is to show the usefulness of the subject, and to illustrate the kind of impact which discoveries in physics have had on the way people live.

Entry to the course requires good passes in GCSE Science (B or better in Double Award) or GCSE Physics (C or better) and in GCSE Mathematics.