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Aims of Academic PE:

develop an understanding of the factors influencing performance and the ability to apply these to a range of physical activities.
develop knowledge and skills of selected physical activities.
develop the skills necessary to analyse, evaluate and improve performance.
develop an appreciation of social, moral and cultural issues which affect participation and performance in physical activity.
develop the capacity to think critically about the relationships between the different factors influencing performance.
develop a capacity to explain current provision for participation in physical activity in the context of social issues and global trends.

Aims of Curriculum PE:

experience a range of physical activities in a structured environment. Activities are grouped under the following headings: invasion games, net/wall games, striking/fielding games, swimming and lifesaving and fitness.
raise the awareness of the value of sports participation and its direct relationship with health and fitness.
develop new physical skills and further improve previously acquired skills in selected sports.
foster enjoyment of physical exercise and participation in structured games.
promote leadership through involvement in sport.
provide opportunities for students to work effectively in groups or teams.
develop confidence in playing specific sports so that skills and positive attitudes can be used beyond the school years.
understand, observe and apply rules, conventions, scoring systems, and safety aspects of participation and competition.