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Physical Education is an umbrella term used to describe the study of a range of specified physical activities. There are two distinct categories of PE: Core PE and Academic PE.

Core PE is the foundation stone for all physical activity at Ampleforth. It is taught to every student in Years 9 to 11 for one lesson a week.
Academic PE includes GCSE (Edexcel) full and short course and AS and A2 PE (OCR).

Core PE

Students will follow an integrated journey to encompass all the skills required of PE. Students will learn the Fundamentals of movement – Agility, Balance, Co ordination, Flexibility, Strength, CV Fitness and Speed. In addition a focus on core skills at each school level affects the games and sporting success of the individuals and the teams in matches. The Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced range of experiences for students. All students have the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques in new activities as well as extend their skills, techniques, strategies and tactics.

Quality teaching, from a very highly skilled set of practitioners, along with excellent planning and first class facilities inspire and encourage our students to be the best they can be in the subject as a non-exam option and / or an academic option. The PE curriculum offers a range of practical and theoretical subject matter which appropriately challenges all students. We ask much from the student’s strengths and support them in their weaknesses.

There are currently seven members of staff and five graduate sports coaches that support students throughout the programme. All are allocated to the non-exam programme offering a range of skills and experiences based on their specialisms and expertise.

Academic PE

The academic programme is structured in such a way that individual qualifications and strengths of staff are maximised. There are four staff involved in teaching two sets at GCSE level. At 'A' level, specific teaching areas in the academic programme include: Physiological, Psychological, Socio-Cultural and Historical. Staff are assigned based on their level of expertise to maximise learning for all students.

Physical Education in its current context, is a relatively new subject in the curriculum and has experienced significant change in the past few years. Recent modifications and additions to curriculum structure, include timetabling, grading and reporting based on subject content and the quality of learning. As an 'A' Level subject, it is a growth area nationally and internationally and an increasing number of students move on to university to study in this vast and broad spectrumed industry. Academic PE has enhanced the variety of options for study at Ampleforth and allowed students to embrace a new and exciting subject that allows them to gain credit for their sporting prowess. It has also given them an opportunity to learn theory and apply it to further enhance their sporting development. Rapid growth in the subject continues to drive success . The department have a value added score of over 1 full grade at GCSE level. The subject is receiving much positive feedback from staff, students and parents. There is plenty of optimism and enthusiasm for further developments and continued growth in both the academic and core PE programmes.