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Computing at Ampleforth 

All students are given basic training in Computing skills in the first year and have access to networked computers. The main clusters of machines are in 6 computer rooms although all departments and boarding houses also have machines linked to the network. Microsoft Office is the standard program suite for staff and students. E-mail and Web facilities are available to all students. E-mail is intended for curriculum use and to help communications with families. Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner on internal and external computer networks and all are required to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.

The Computing Department encourages independent learning and development of critical thinking skills. The nature of the problems we consider allows consideration at a variety of levels and we encourage all students to expand their comfort zone and to learn and build on work that may initially be unsuccessful.

Students are required to consider the impact of technology on society and apply Benedictine core values to ethical and moral issues affecting themselves, friends and the wider outside world. They are encouraged to show respect for others in both the real and online world. We aim to equip them with real skills for the future.