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The History Department has a long and proud tradition at Ampleforth.  It aims to inspire in its students a love of the subject, an appreciation of its importance and the desire always to discover more. 

At the same time, it seeks to equip students with the skills required to reach their full potential.  The Department also believes strongly that History is a subject that is important to everyone and should therefore be accessible to everyone.  It is, therefore, a large Department that teaches students of all abilities, from Oxbridge level historians to those with less academic ability. 

To these ends, the Department teaches a wide range of vibrant and stimulating courses with an emphasis on combining enjoyment with examination preparation, British and European/world history and structured and independent learning.  The Department is fortunate to have a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers who, through the talents and commitment of their students, continue to uphold the tradition of History as a popular and successful subject at Ampleforth.