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"Design is not just about how something looks but how it works"  James Dyson

The Design & Technology Department of Ampleforth College plays a full part in both the academic and extra-curricular life of the school, with all students taking the subject in their first year.

Students interested in Engineering can take advantage of a number of initiatives organised jointly by the Science and Design and Technology Departments with support from the Engineering Council.

Sixth Form students who are intending to study Mechanical, Manufacturing or Electrical engineering at university are eligible to apply for the JCB Engineering Prize. This prize, and the JCB Prize for Business, were set up in 2000 and are awarded annually.

The department is located in the purpose built Sunley Centre which provides excellent facilities for Design and Technology, alongside Art, Sculpture and Photography.   In addition to facilities enabling a broad spectrum of practical work in various materials, there are drawing offices, technology classrooms and a computer suite equipped for Computer Aided Design.

The Bamford workshops are kept open for as much of the school day as possible, throughout the week and are a popular venue for students in their own time. In addition to personal interests, students have the opportunity to take part in larger scale, group projects. These have included hovercraft and car building, climbing wall and theatre props. They may pursue any feasible project during afternoons, evenings and weekends, assisted by specialist staff.