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We aim to provide a broad curriculum with guided choices after Year 9.

In Year 9, a student is able to experience a wide range of curriculum subjects with every student challenged to give of their best. The most able, who may study more subjects, are challenged by increased depth of study. Only by offering the widest possible curriculum in Year 9 do we believe that students will be best prepared to make informed choices at GCSE and A level.

The subjects studied are:

Christian Theology, (4)

Latin and/or Greek (not all students), (4/4)

English or English as an Additional Language, (6/8)

French, (4)

Mathematics, (6/8)

Second Modern Language, (4)

Biology, (3)

Art, (3)

Chemistry, (3)

Music, (3)

Physics, (3)

Design and Technology, (3)

History, (4)

ICT, (3)

Geography (4)

PE, (2)


Christian Living (1)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) is offered as an extra in place of English. Some students may have a reduced academic timetable because of their ability, special learning needs or musical commitments.

On entry, every student in Year 9 is allocated to a beginners course in either German, Italian or Spanish. We try to accommodate parental requests for a specific language as long as we receive the request in the August immediately preceding entry.