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Years 12 and 13 

Students start the Sixth Form with 4 subjects (5 is possible if the fifth subject is Further Maths), however most will finish with 3 A levels. All students follow a Christian Theology course, either as one of their AS choices or the department’s own (non-examined) Core CT course. At the end of January of Year 12 a decision will be taken by each student. They will:

  • Either drop one subject immediately
  • Or decide which subject to drop at the end of Year 12 and take the AS examination in that subject
  • Or postpone the decision about which subject to drop until the end of the year, but take no AS examinations
  • Or decide to complete the A level in 4 subjects

The subjects are arranged in options, one subject is chosen from each option block. The option blocks shown below are the option blocks for 2015--2016. Each of the options A - D is taught for 12 lessons per 2 weeks. Students who choose Further Mathematics in option block E need also to choose Mathematics from one of the other blocks as well.

A full description of the courses available in the Sixth Form is provided in the Sixth Form options booklet (see below).

Additionally an enrichment programme will be open to all students. Details of this programme are not available at the time of writing, but are likely to include such things as EPQ preparation, study skills, Modern languages conversation classes and Oxbridge preparation.