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In an academic institution like Ampleforth, academic rigour is the first essential. Ampleforth asks of each student the best that he or she can give. Academically, that challenge is created by a comprehensive range of subjects, highly professional teaching and first class facilities for learning.

A Christian and Benedictine education is rooted in the conviction that, as God's creation is good, the young deserve access to all the great scientific, literary and artistic achievements of our civilisation. We strive to give all the students a sense of the value of learning for its own sake. We hold that the search for truth begun early, is the foundation of a full adult life.

We welcome students of varied abilities and seek to give them all an education appropriate to their talents. We make demands on scholars and other intellectually gifted well beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum and we offer special help to those less able. The Head of Academic Scholars gives special attention to the most able. Ampleforth looks to the best interests of students in planning their academic career. All are prepared for public examinations.

Our examination results are excellent across a wide ability range. Almost all students progress naturally into the sixth form. Over the years, around eight per cent of our students have secured places at Oxford and Cambridge universities. Over 90% go on to higher education. Virtually every student who seeks a university place is offered one. We are proud of our academic record.

In designing our curriculum, as in every other aspect of school life, we have some particular priorities. The curriculum provides a broad education, and a wide choice of subjects at every level. Each student takes an academic course in Christian Theology which leads to public examinations and a thorough course in Health Education is provided. There is a comprehensive careers programme.