Ampleforth Abbey is committed to promoting the highest standards of safeguarding of children and adults at risk.

No apology can ever be adequate for the suffering that has been caused to those abused by monks and lay staff, in our schools and parishes, and from them we seek a forgiveness we do not deserve. 

We feel a profound shame at the sacred trust we have betrayed, and a profound sorrow at the lasting damage inflicted by the actions of individuals and by our failures as a community to put the needs of each child first.

We are renewing our commitment to work in a transparent way with the statutory authorities. We are meeting with, and learning from, survivors of abuse, and in our community prayer and discussions we are discerning practical ways to enable a different, safer, future.

If you are victim or survivor of abuse and would like to speak to someone, please contact our Director of Safeguarding, Jim Hopkinson using any of the contact details below. You will be listened to and your concerns will be taken seriously and acted upon as necessary. If you would prefer not to speak to someone at Ampleforth Abbey, please contact Survive York on 0808 145 1890 or 01904 638813. They have trained counsellors available to talk to you in complete confidence.

Abbot Robert Igo OSB

Jim Hopkinson
Director of Safeguarding
Ampleforth Abbey
YO62 4EN
Telephone: 01439 766096

To read our Safeguarding Commitment,  please click here.

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The Ampleforth Abbey Trust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures can be found here.

The Ampleforth Abbey Trust Safeguarding Policies for Adults at Risk can be found here.

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