Dear Friends,

Here at Ampleforth, as lockdown continues, we are very conscious of our continued inability to welcome you here on retreat at Ampleforth. For this reason, starting in February, alongside our usual online offering we will also begin offering some full online retreats. These will follow closely the structure of the regular retreats we have offered in the past. We hope that they will be of some help to all those who had booked on residential retreats last year and missed out, and also to all those who might appreciate a more extended retreat experience shared with an online group, one that offers the possibility of interacting with the retreat giver and with other retreatants. Details of our first full retreats are below.

If you are interested you are invited to either contact Yvonne, our bookings secretary, by telephone at 01439 766486 on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 9am and 1pm, or by email at

There will be a suggested donation for each retreat that reflects the cost to us to make the retreat available.

The retreats will be brought to you via Zoom and, in good time before the retreat is due to start, you will be sent a Zoom invitation along with instructions. We continue to offer our usual Home Retreats each Saturday at 11am. Details of this and of our Home Prayer and live streaming can be found on our Together in Prayer page.

We at Ampleforth are keeping you all in our prayer during these challenging times.

Sending you every best wish,

Fr Kevin Hayden OSB
Dean of Hospitality


Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th March
Patient Persistent Practice 

with Fr Christopher Gorst OSB

Ampleforth AbbeyAmpleforth Abbey

These words are part of a Chinese proverb, which could relate seamlessly with Monastic Stability and Christian Disciplines. In our present situation of chaos, uncertainty and Covid 19 Pandemic, we need grounded, mature and faithful people to practice ‘sitting in the fire’ or in the whirlwind, able to listen to the still small voice of God. We can look at Patience, Persistence (or Perseverance) and three forms of Practice (Meditation/Tai Chi/Lectio Divina) which can help us be a calming, still centre amid apparent confusion.

This retreat begins at 8:45 am on Saturday and ends at 1pm Sunday 
Maximum number 25

Suggested donation £20
Via Zoom

You are warmly invited as part of the experience of the retreat to join the monastic community on-line for the divine office.  You can find details here: Service Times 

You can also find details of our Home Retreats, Home Prayer, and live streaming at our Together in Prayer page