3rd November, 2021

Home Retreats in November

November morning

We are pleased to announce that our popular Home Retreats will continue through the month of November.

Our November programme below consists of a series of reflections led by members of the monastic community across a range of interesting and poignant topics.

Join us on YouTube at 11am each Saturday to watch live, or on playback at a time that suits you.


November Home Retreats Programme


'Is there an unforgiveable sin?' by Fr Bede
Saturday 6th November 11am

In these first few days of the month of Remembrance, Fr Bede reflects on a question put to him during a school retreat. Join us as we look at an insight into Heaven, Hell & Purgatory which inspired the students to discover the answer for themselves... Be ready to be surprised.



'God's view of the sinner' by Fr Gabriel
Saturday 13th November 11am

Join Fr Gabriel as he explores the view God has of the human sinner and how his forgiveness works. We'll be taking a look at Julian of Norwich’s parable of the Lord and the Servant together with a look at the parable of the prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) and the anointing of the feet of Jesus by the woman with a bad name (Luke 7:36-50). 



'The power of names' by Br Edmund
Saturday 20th November 11am

This Home Retreat will take a look at the names we are given and the names we choose, including baptismal, confirmation and monastic names. We will also discuss occasions in the Bible when people are given new names and how all names ideally point to the name above all names, Jesus.



'Christ in his mysteries' by Fr Cedd
Saturday 27th November 11am

In this intriguing Home Retreat, Fr Cedd discusses the importance of meditating on the life of Christ as we seek to grow in our Christian discipleship.



Each Home Retreat consists of a 10-15 minute reflection, and concludes with a series of suggestions for activities and further reflection throughout the day. We also invite you to join us at 8:15pm to pray Compline together.